Sea Turtle Spotter 

We are hunting sea turtles - with cameras and coordinates! We need YOU! 

WHO? Sailboaters, tourism guides, SCUBA divers, sport fishers, snorklers, beach combers, kayakers, SUPers, hangliders, wind surfers, kiteboarders, small aircraft pilots, and everyone else near the beach and in the water!

Please report your sea turtle and friend sightings! 

The minimum - coordinates of your sighting

(you can get them from Google Earth or smartphone GPS)

Even better: Coordinates and photos

Maximum optimal sighting: lots of descriptive info - habitat, water temperature, depth, your activity, turtle activity, surrounding area, video, etc. 

How?  3 ways to report!  

  1. EMAIL:
  2. (offline app included!)
  3. ‚ÄčTurtle Widget!

‚ÄčThe turtle widget was created by Eagle Scout: Karshin Gupta, who wanted to do a widget for Sea Turtle Spotter!

Kudo Flippers to Karshin for efforts to help conserve sea turtles!



We need volunteers behind the computers.  

~Put your Facebook and Twitter addiction to good use by promoting our university internships and fundraisers.  

~START a IndiGoGo or GoFundMe campaign to raise money for a turtle tag - then you can name the turtle and join us on a research trip!    

~Artistic??   Make some art that we can raffle off at a local fundraiser, help us design our webpage better, make some digital posters or comicbooks or use our footage to make a cool video documentary!    

~ Booknerds and friends - Help build our library with textbooks and our storage locker with field equipment.  

Let's go Turtling! Email us:

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