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sea turtle spotter

Thanks to our sea turtle Ambassador, Dr. Rich Reiner of the S/V Mandolina, we are well on our way to understanding the distribution of turtles within the Gulf of California and pacific ocean.  Dr. Rich found the program which enables sailboats to report their sea turtle sightings.

Our Environmental Education Director, Carla Sanchez is in charge of maintaining and analysis data as well as training and recruiting new ambassadors, including SCUBAdivers, snorklers, and fishing charters.  

artisan fishing camps

We are slowly working with some small fishing camps around the Bay of La Paz to help these native families develop ecotourism, sustainable aquaculture, and recycled products to help reduce overfishing, ghost fishing, and produce alternative economic opportunities.  

Mangrove and reef monitoring

In coordination with, we take tourists, students, and everyone in between to monitor reef fish and invertebrates.  Our data is shared with global databases to help make better conservation decisions for areas where overfishing is evident.  

wildlife forensics and EPibiosis

Our president, Dr. Monica Lara Uc and newest member, Dr. Jesus Eduardo Resendiz Morales, both professors at the University of Baja California Sur, are working hard to define the health levels of sea turtles for rehabilitiation purposes and solve mysteries of illness.  

Stephanie Rousso, our International Scientific Coordinator, is investigating the use of stable isotopes of epizoic barnacles to georeference migratory and foraging habitat use and plans to add acoustic tags to her research in 2018.